Program 20-23 July 2020

The purpose of this workshop is to advance the understanding of the mechanism of superconducting pairing in SrTiO3


Jonathan Ruhman (Bar-IlanUniversity, Israel)

Yaron Kedem (Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden)

Dirk van der Marel (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Nimrod Bachar (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Advisory board: 

Susanne Stemmer (UC Santa Barbara)

Isao Inoue (AIST Tsukuba)

Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zurich)

Stephen Rowley (Cambridge University)

Chair: Jonathan Ruhman

15:00 Andrey Chubukov
Superconductivity at low carrier density
15:15 Discussion

15:30 Martin Greven
Enhanced superconductivity in plastically deformed SrTiO3
15:45 Discussion

16:00 Harold Hwang
Low-density superconductivity in SrTiO3 bounded by the adiabatic criterion
16:15 Discussion

16:30 Edwin Langmann
Superconducting domes from finite-range interactions in BCS theory
16:45 Discussion

Chair: Dirk van der Marel

15:00 Gil Lonzarich
The enigmatic susceptibility peak in magnetic and dielectric materials
15:15 Discussion

15:30 Maria Navaro Gastiasoro
Superconductivity mediated by ferroelectric modes in systems with spin-orbit coupling
15:45 Discussion

16:00 Awadhesh Narayan
Multiferroic Quantum Criticality
16:15 Discussion

16:30 General Discussion 

Chair: Yaron Kedem

15:00 Pavel Volkov
Novel Metallicity near Polar Quantum Critical Points
15:15 Discussion

15:30 Vladyslav Kozii
Interplay between inversion breaking, spin orbit coupling and superconductivity
15:45 Discussion

16:00 Beena Kalisky
Scanning SQUID imaging of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 conductivity near the metal-insulator transition
16:15 Discussion

16:30 Evgeny Mikheev
T2 and Tn resistivity in SrTiO3 films and titanate heterostructures
16:45 Discussion

Chair: Nicola Spaldin

15:00 Xiao Lin
T-square resistivity in dilute metals without Umklapp scattering
15:15 Discussion

15:30 Dmitrii Maslov
Quasiparticle and non-quasiparticle transport in doped quantum paraelectrics
15:45 Discussion

16:00 Chris Leighton
Specific heat of Doped SrTiO3
16:15 Discussion

16:30 General Discussion

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All times are in Central European Time (CET).